Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What are Water Driven Sump Pumps?

The water driven sump pumps is the last resort to deal with basement flooding. The sump pumps are not dependant on any electricity or battery; therefore, they can be easily used during heavy rainstorm without worrying about power disruptions.

They can work infinitely, unless and until water is available. Most importantly, there are no additional expenses incurred in maintaining water driven sump pumps. The material of manufacture is corrosion resistant and they are heavy duty materials.  One need not worry about rotating or moving parts – it is just a simple machine that helps to remove water from 
basement in critical situation.

It works by creating suction. In other words, when the municipal water rushes through the pipes and pushes through the pumps, it builds a pressure which suddenly drops. The suction thus created sucks up the water from the basement; simply put its like drawing water through straws.

The sump pump works automatically and they are not even expensive to buy. The product is a necessity for homes with basement. It has been proven to be twice as effective as any other water removal pumps in the market. They can work for years and they are easily repairable too at low cost.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Advice for Choosing the Best Backup Sump Pump

Backup sump pumps are the defense mechanism against basement flooding.  They are useful in houses that lie in low level areas or for houses that are constructed below the surface area or in regions that are prone to frequent flooding. These sump pumps help to drain the excess water and so, it is a must-have if your house falls in any of the above categories. 

Before buying a sump pump, you have to decide what you want. A submersible pump has more life span and is much safer especially when children are around.  A pedestal pump’s life span is lesser than the former, but it is less expensive and also safe to use. You can choose either one depending on your budget and the features you need. 

There are various switch types in a sump pump. Diaphragm type, the floating type and mercury switches are some examples. It is always better to go for the automatic switches because manual switches are less reliable and require constant human intervention. This can be a problem if you travel frequently or if you have to be away from home for considerable periods of time. Also , if they run dry for a long time, the bump may burn. So an automatic switch protects the pumps life and its better you choose this. 

All the above things should be kept in mind before choosing a back up sump pump. 

Where to FInd Sump Pump Sales

Sump pumps are essential to keep the houses safe from flooding. Many houses that live in low-lying areas or those built below the surface, close to the water table are highly prone to flooding through the basements. So, its a good idea to have a sump pump ready if you live in one such house. 

Before buying a sump pump, you have to identify your requirements including the features, models, make and cost. You can choose a sump pump that fits your requirements easily because of the sheer variety available in the market today. Once you decide on a particular model, there are many places from where it can be bought. 

Firstly, you can contact an big hardware supply chain store. You have a high chance of finding it here because it is huge and this is their main line of business. Submersible pumps are safe and long lasting, whereas pedestal pumps are less expensive and easy to handle. The durability of any kind of pump depends to a large extent on the frequency of the usage of the sump pump.   

You can also contact wholesale plumbing contractors to buy good sump pumps. They may be able to give good suggestions that meet your needs. They will also do the installation of the sump pump and in case of any future issues; they can be consulted. You can also buy them online through a reputed website

Is the Basement Watchdog Sump Pump Any Good?

If you’re currently shopping for a basement sump pump, you’ve most likely looked at several brands already. One that you should pay special attention to is Basement Watchdog. This company provides one of the leading sump pumps on the market today. After just providing customers with backup sump pumps for years, they’ve finally created a primary sump pump that will fulfill your needs. In addition, they also have combination backup and primary pumps as well.

Not only do the sump pumps from Basement Watchdog provide you with a powerful pumping mechanism that can potentially save your home from flooding and preventing you from having to clean up a huge mess – but there’s an alarm that will sound if something happens to the machine or if something is defective. This is a wonderful feature that is just one of many.

Spend some time researching this company, and then look at the leading competition brands. You’re not likely to find as great a pump for the price as you will at Basement Watchdog. It’s highly important that you protect your basement from flooding. This could very well allow you to save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs and improvement costs.

Another important thing you should do is read online reviews of Basement Watchdog to see how other customers feel about the pumps they’ve purchased from this company. This gives you the ability to see the kind of service and product quality Basement Watchdog has provided their past customers with. If you have any other questions about the product, contact a company representative and get the answers. You can also visit the website to learn more about the pumps and how they work to protect your home. All in all, Basement Watchdog is a great company to purchase pumps from

What Good is a Septic Sump Pump?

All domestic drains that are collected under ground including the human waste, that is decomposed by bacteria in the septic sump. This makes it an essential equipment  in everybody’s house. These biodegradable wastes are decomposed by natural bacteria that work in an environment lacking oxygen. 

Septic sump pumps are those pumps that are used to clear out unbreakable solids that can fill the septic tanks over a period of time. This is the reason why septic tanks are placed in such areas that have no access to the municipal sewage line. There are many government mandated septic tank pumping companies, and if you do not have one in your vicinity, you can fill this void by purchasing a residential septic sump pump. As a matter of fact, in some states it is required by law to have these septic sump pumps installed in every house and commercial building. 

These septic sump pumps help the septic tank to be cleared regularly, say at least once in 2 years to prevent the over-loading of drainage water and waste. This is important to prevent it from contaminating water in the ground water table. Septic sump pumps act as a valuable remedy and helps prevent such over-flooding and contamination. 

In short, sump pumps help to clean the septic tank that can get accumulated with wastes over a period of time.

Tips for Installing Backup Sump Pumps

Back up Sump pumps are installed in the basement of any house or building where water  floods quickly and frequently. It is mostly done in places that are low-lying and flood-prone. A sump is a hole dug in the bottom of the floor to drain all water flooding and  the pump removes the water from the premises. It is not difficult to install a sump pump when you follow these tips. 

Before you begin the digging process to install a sump pump, identify the water lines and sewage lines to avoid any damage to these lines. Then, the lowest point of the basement floor should be identified and there should also be an electrical outlet and a exterior wall outlet.  The sump requires to be connected to an electrical outlet with a GFCI circuit. The exterior wall outlet facilitates routing of the outlet pump outside the house.   

Before installation, a line pump has to be installed to enable the sump to be drilled. Ensure that the sump pump and the discharge pipes are connected before installation. A hole should be drilled from the head or the joints of the rim to make room for the discharge pipe. After dry fitting the pipes, those  portions have to be cemented. 

These are some tips for back up sump pumps installation. You can do it on your own or take the help of experts who will be more than willing to do it for you for a fee.

Sump Pump Switch Replacement Tips

A switch is an important component in a sump pump because it is close to impossible to operate the pump without a switch.  A simple and mechanical type of switch is the floater. When the motor is activated, the floater detects water when it reaches certain level. It can be used as an indicator or even an alarm to detect higher levels of water. 

The sump pump switches come in different types. The micro switch is the one which comes with most installations. This switch is attached to a rod which in turn is attached to the floater.  This is a  vertical switch. As the water level raises, the floater rises, thereby lifting the rod so that the water level goes down. Another kind of switch is the wide angle float switch. A cord is attached to the floater, when the water level raises and the floater also raises to tighten the switch. 

Despite these wide varieties, switches are mechanical parts that are prone to failures. They may fail due to many undetected reasons like debris in the sump. Unfortunately it is not easy to repair float switches and so a better idea is to replace them. There are some things you should keep in mind to replace these switches. Firstly, know the kind of switch your sump pump has and look for similar ones in the local hardware shop or online. With the help of simple tools, you can unscrew these switches and replace them with new ones.