Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Advice for Choosing the Best Backup Sump Pump

Backup sump pumps are the defense mechanism against basement flooding.  They are useful in houses that lie in low level areas or for houses that are constructed below the surface area or in regions that are prone to frequent flooding. These sump pumps help to drain the excess water and so, it is a must-have if your house falls in any of the above categories. 

Before buying a sump pump, you have to decide what you want. A submersible pump has more life span and is much safer especially when children are around.  A pedestal pump’s life span is lesser than the former, but it is less expensive and also safe to use. You can choose either one depending on your budget and the features you need. 

There are various switch types in a sump pump. Diaphragm type, the floating type and mercury switches are some examples. It is always better to go for the automatic switches because manual switches are less reliable and require constant human intervention. This can be a problem if you travel frequently or if you have to be away from home for considerable periods of time. Also , if they run dry for a long time, the bump may burn. So an automatic switch protects the pumps life and its better you choose this. 

All the above things should be kept in mind before choosing a back up sump pump. 

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