Monday, June 28, 2010

Battery Backup for Sump Pump

Everyone loves their basement however no one likes a flooded moldy basement that has messed up carpet, drywall, furniture, etc that was caused by an irresponsible home owner who didn't have a working sump pump. Heck, a a backup sump pump system is absolutely necessary for any house! So, you see the benefits of having a sump pump but wonder why one would need a battery backup for sump pump. Right? Here's why- 

A battery backup for sump pump will kick in if the electricity goes out. In essence, it will switch on only as needed. That is, it has an automatic controller switch that will automatically switch from the electric power to the battery mode in the absence of electricity, thereby, you can be assured that your house is protected from water damaged caused by excessive flooding or rain. The battery backup sump pump is a great invention as we can't always trust an electric one especially in the case of storms wherein power failure will most likely occur. 

Go out and get your battery backup for sump pump today - you never know when you'll need it and will be cursing yourself if you ever do need it but don't have it!
Photo:Renjith Krishnan

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